• Humans

The most abundant of all races, humans can be found nearly anywhere, skin color ranging from ebon to snow white, eyes from pitch black to pale blue.

  • Dwarves

While not actually another race, the Dwarves of Ignacio are simply humans who have lived underground for many generations, their diet and way of life contributing to shorter height.

  • Supreme races

The two races of legend who helped put a stop to the Great War. In Thodore's Unlikely Victory, they are known as the dark ones and light ones.

  • Dje'Boehm

One of the supreme races. Dje'Boehm are native to the continent Consen. Compared to humans they have a longer gestation period, age slower but live longer. Nearly all Dje'Boehm have olive skin, black hair, matching eyes and dark lines under their eyes as if from lack of sleep, and in fact only need about four hours of sleep per night to be fully rested. Roughly one in every twenty Dje'Boehm has the ability to temporarily greatly boost their strength and speed, a racial ability known as berserking. One in twenty of those who can berserk, only one in four hundred Dje'Boehm, has an enhanced version of this ability; in addition to increased strength and speed, they sprout wings, allowing them to fly. The ability to wield magic is exceedingly rare in Dje'Boehm.

  • Kyaron

The other supreme race, also native to Consen. Kyaron are, in a way, opposite Dje'Boehm. They have fair features, hair often blonde, sometimes red or white, and eyes blue or green. Kyaron have gestation period shorter than humans and mature quicker, though, like Dje'Boehm, also live considerably longer. While both Dje'Boehm and Kyaron can produce offspring with humans, albeit rarely, a hybrid of Dje'Boehm and Kyaron is next to impossible. Kyaron supposedly have an ability similarly to berserking, but it does not naturally manifest. Amongst Kyaron, mages are unusually common.

  • Dragons

Residents of the mainland, very few dragons exist. Dragons are secretive, preferring to shun all contact with any other race. They are natural polymorphers, able to take the shape of, and breed with, humans.

  • Half-Dragons

People with draconic ancestors. The term 'Half-Dragon' is misleading, as that would require one parent to be a full dragon or something similar, and most Half-Dragons only have distant relatives as dragons. Half-Dragons vary in appearance as much as humans, though almost all have longer fingers and toes than average. Like their ancestors, they can change their form, but not into a true dragon, only able to sprout scales and, rarely, grow wings.

  • Talking cats

Sentient cats which inhabit Nippon.

  • Rrenren

Aria, the founder of the Sisters of Aria, had a strong interest in cats and Creations. She tried unsuccessfully to combine her two interests until discovering the talking cats of Nippon.

  • Lycanthropes

Lycanthropy is not a disease, rather hereditary. Lycanthropes are thought to have all been killed about twenty five years before the events of Sword and Sin.