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The Parallel Planes is a high fantasy/sword and sorcery book series. While nearly all of the events take place on one plane, a second plane which mirrors the first plays a very important role. Specifically, powerful creatures reside there, and there is a process called Summoning which can bring beings from the second plane to the first. When combined with another process, forming contracts, the Summoned beings can be controlled and used as weapons of war. The Parallel Planes series recounts tales of the planes and the interactions between them.

Contents: Races, Ether, Wile, Planes, Enders of Days.

Episode I: Plane's Genesis. This book explains the creation of the other plane.

Episode II: Death and Life. This book has the least to do with the other plane. It tells the story of a Necromancer.

Episode III: Corrupted's War. This book recounts the Great War.

Episode IV: Dreg's Story. This book tells the tale of Dreg's youth, from his birth in Consen to his employment under King Jimador.

Episode V: Sword and Sin. The first book to actually be written, this book lays the foundations of the Parallel Planes series.

Episode VI: The Soul's Sojourn. The second book to be written, this book continues where Sword and Sin left off.

Episode VII: Lost and Founded. Immediately after the events of Soul's Sojourn, this book is about the growing war both on Consen and in Ignacio.

Episode VIII: Planes' Collision. The book which concludes (mostly) the chain of events started in Sword and Sin.

Episode IX-XIII: 5 titles. Roughly twenty years after the Second Great War ended, trouble again stirs.

Episode XIV-VI: 3 titles.  In the distant future, when magic is forgotten, trouble again stirs again.

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